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Taking a Moment to Breathe

With all the chaos going on around us we can get overwhelmed, over stimulated and stressed. I experience this feeling on a semi regular basis and I’m always looking for ways to decompress and catch my breath. For some people its baking, going for a walk, Yoga, listening to music or singing along to their favourite song, which I do as well, really loud. What do you do?

Since the COVID 19 shut down, I’ve been exploring new ways to decompress and my number one go to is playing with water colours. I’m not a visual artist, I am an actor/dancer by trade, I started my career in the theatre and this journey took me on the path to arts education, which I love. I think one of the reasons I’m gravitating to water colours is because of the movement, it’s a dance on paper. I like seeing the colours move and mix together, it calms and inspires me. Part of the amusement for me has also been the creation of water colours. What can I find in my house or garden that I can turn into water colour paint. My first experiment was gathering up dried up markers and soaking them in an a ¼ cup of water for a few days. It made beautiful paint. Next I mixed those colours in with a tbsp of salt and a tbsp. of flour to create a thicker more textured paint. I’ve used turmeric, blueberry, and strawberry juice, beat juice, paprika and coffee grinds….the possibilities are endless and the experiments continue.

Watching watercolor pigments flow across paper, mixing and mingling together is a form of relaxation for me. This is definitely about the process, not the product, but what can you do with your water colour dances? They can make great cards, gift tags, or bookmarks.

Have fun!


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