There are five steps to improve one's mental wellbeing. They are:

Connect with others

In real life and not just online - but do this safely with a mask and stay 2m apart!


Be physically active

This is especially good for wellbeing if outside in the fresh air.


Learn something new

There are lots of videos online from crafts to coding to playing an instrument.


Give to, or help, others

What can you do locally?


Pay attention to the present moment

Being mindful can help you feel more positive about life.


To read more about the five steps to improve one's mental wellbeing, please check out this article by the NHS or this article by the New Economics Foundation.

Below are some resources you may find helpful to keep on track with the five steps to mental wellbeing. Please click on the buttons below to access each resource.


Fitness and Exercise

Physical activity keeps your body strong and also strengthens your mind! Exercise improves self-esteem and release chemicals in your brain that boost your mood. Check out these activities to get you moving!

Online Workout

Fitness Videos

1. ‘Fitness blender’ workout videos have all types of workout videos for all types of people.

2. Joe Wicks has started new lockdown workouts for the next month.


3. There are lots of dance workout videos available online like this one.


Try getting out on one of the many hiking trails around Hamilton… maybe you’ll even find a waterfall! If you are under 18 and doing this kind of thing, remember to tell your parents about it before you go out.

Best Friends


Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Even if you can’t physically meet in large groups during lockdown, you could organise a geocaching activity for a group of friends. Leave each other messages and little treasures to find (remember to wear gloves and sanitise things just to stay extra safe). If you are under 18 and doing this kind of thing, remember to tell your parents about it before you go out.


Yoga is good for relaxation, stretching, and general mood-lifting.

1. Yoga with Adriene has great yoga videos for beginners to more advanced yogis and also features her adorable dog Benji.

2. There are tons of other videos online just like this one.

Online Yoga


Mindfulness means being more aware of the present moment without judging if your experience is good or bad. This is helpful for managing stress, anxiety, and depression because it helps you become more aware of your feelings and how they affect your wellbeing. By experiencing things from a fresh perspective, you may be able to see what you took for granted before or positively change how you see your life. Here are some resources to help you get started.


Mental Health Support

For crisis support or immediate help, these services are available to young people:

Kid's Help Phone

Kid’s Help Phone offers immediate support for youth under 20 years old via text, phone, Facebook messenger or live chat.

Call 1-800-668-6868

Kids Help Phone.jpg
COAST Logo.jpg

Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST)

COAST is a crisis support line for individuals who feel like they can’t cope or feel out of control. They can refer you to community programs if needed.

Call 905-972-8338

Salvation Army Crisis Line

Salvation Army Crisis Line listens to individuals and gives them mental health support.

Call 905-522-1477

Salvation Army Crisis Line Logo.jpg

For general mental health support, please look into these services:

Bounce Back Ontario

BounceBack logo.png

Bounce Back Ontario offers skill building programs for individuals 15 or older with stress, anxiety, and depression.'s Youth Mental Health Resource Hub’s Youth Mental Health Resource Hub offers youth various online resources in the form of links to websites, PDFs, and social media posts. Youth Mental Health Resource Hu
Kid's Help Phone Resources Around Me.jpg

Kid's Help Phone's Resources Around Me

Kid’s Help Phone’s Resources Around Me will show you available resources in your area. This includes counselling and mental health support, violence and abuse support, housing and homelessness support, and much more.

Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety

Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety has a huge toolkit for how to deal with various COVID-19 specific worries such as financial fears, isolation, and COVID-19-related racism.

Care for your coronavirus anxiety logo.p
Equoo logo.png


Equoo is an online game that helps increase emotional intelligence, resilience skills and helps conquer anxiety.


Creative Ideas

You could start a longer-term project, like a giant puzzle or piece of art that gets created over time, or spend time developing specific skills like cooking, baking, or reading about something you’ve always wanted to know more about but never had the time to pursue before.

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Art Gallery of Hamilton is offering free drop-in art classes for youth 14+. Whether you’re a beginner or pro artist, you can learn how to get creative at home and meet new friends.

Programming Console


Codeacademy offers free coding classes for any coding language. You can learn how to create cool projects like your own video games and apps!


Coursera has a bunch of free classes that you can take on topics ranging from business strategies to chemistry. Some of their most popular courses for teens include beginner guitar lessons and fashion design courses.

Online Guitar Class

Other Ideas

Learning a new skill, or helping others, are both good ways to meet new people, stay busy and also improve your own mood. It is well known that helping others helps us to feel good too. See what you can do in your local community to help people who may be finding the lockdown hard as well.